Managing Money
Budget Planning

Track your spending and simplify your budget with ASIC’s Money Smart calculator. Start now >

Savings Goals Calculator

Want to know how long it will take to reach your savings goal? Find out here. Calculate now >

Income Tax Calculator

Find out how much tax you will pay on your employment income this year. Calculate now >

Compound Interest Calculator

Work out how much money you’ll have if you save a regular amount and how compounding increases your savings interest. Calculate now >

Investing Tools
Managed Funds Calculator

Work out how fees and costs affect your investment and how much your managed fund will be worth in the future. Calculate now >

Margin Loan Calculator

Find out how a margin loan works, the risks and tips for managing these risks. Find out now >

Retirement Planner

Work out the income you are likely to generate from super and pension when you retire. Calculate now >

Govt Co-Contributions Calculator

Find out if you are eligible for co-contributions and how much you can receive if eligible. Find out now >

Super vs. Mortgage Calculator

Decide whether you’re more comfortable putting more money in your mortgage or your super. Calculate now >

Super and Pension Age Calculator

Work out when you can get your super and when you can apply for aged pension. Find out now >

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Work out how much your debt will increase over time as well as how changes in interest rates and house prices will affect the equity of your home. Calculate now >

Account-Based Pension Calculator

For people less than 2 years away from retirement to work out how much your super will last and how fees and investments affect your pension balance. Calculate now >